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30 08 2008

Lefrak City (junction blvd)

Local reisdents speak about the changes in there community of Rego Park and Junction Blvd.

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30 08 2008

Lefrak City

Lefrak City is a large urban housing project located in the Corona section of Queens in New York City. Built for working and lower-class families in the 1960’s, Lefrak City features twenty-eight eighteen-story apartment buildings. In addition to the residential buildings, the complex also features two large office buildings, playgrounds, school, and nearly 3,500 parking spaces. Today, nearly 14,000 people live within the LeFrak City complex.

Named after the original developer, Samuel LeFrak, ground was broken for the facility in 1960 and was finished in 1969. Under a �total living” strategy, the philosophy of the complex was to offer in addition to housing, shopping centers, recreation, transportation and other facilities. The original cost of rent was an affordable $40 per air-conditioned room. Demographics have come in waves. Directly following construction, a large jewish population moved into the complex. However, through the 1980’s, more and more African American as well as Muslim immigrants from the horn of Africa are calling LeFrak City home.

Lefrak City Area Population Statistics in 1990

Total Population

Persons 60430

Native Born 29265
Foreign Born 31165
Major Racial and Ethnic Identifications

White Non-Hispanic 22935
Black Non-Hispanic 12276
N American Native Non-Hispanic 115
Asian/Pacific Islander Non-Hispanic 9062
Other Race Non-Hispanic 264
Persons of Hispanic Origin 15778
Asian/Pacific Islander National Origins

Chinese 4145
Asian Indian 3280
Korean 882
Filipino 480
Japanese 10
Vietnamese 96
Thai 75
All Other Asian/Pacific Islander 330
Hispanic National Origins

Puerto Rican 3318
Colombian 3188
Dominican 3511
Ecuadorian 1611
Cuban 563
Peruvian 737
Mexican 450
Salvadoran 67
Guatemalan 119
Panamanian 147
Honduran 84
Nicaraguan 82
All Other Hispanic 1901
Language Data

Persons 5 yrs & older 56711
Speak Only English at Home 21194
Speak Other Language at Home 35517
Languages Spoken at Home (Ages 5 and Up)

Only English 21194
Spanish/Spanish Creole 14233
Chinese 3838
Italian 1091
Korean 751
Greek 601
Indic 2720
French/French Creole 1552
German 508
Tagalog 347
Polish 380
Russian 4210
South Slavic 128
Yiddish 572
Arabic 331
Portuguese/Portuguese Creole 122
Hungarian 552
Japanese 30
Vietnamese 38
Other Languages 3513

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30 08 2008

Three Cheers for Gentrification
By Andres Duany

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The Yes-man…HUD Secretary Jackson Announces New Direction for Agency

30 08 2008

This is a good article I read about the programs started for the re-development of New Orleans.

How to supplement the gentrification of low-income communities with development of government legislature.

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Popular communities dealing with Gentifrication

16 08 2008

Estimated median household income in 2005: $52,000 (it was $42,981 in 2000)

Washington Heights $52,000
New York: $49,480

Estimated median house/condo value in 2005: $213,300 (it was $105,500 in 2000)

Washington Heights $213,300
New York: $258,900
these are older statistics of gentry communities..latest economic poles show a rise in income being driven away from these communities.
small businesses are closing being bought by big corporate industry.

The Other side – Gentry

12 08 2008

Reference video # 2

Building owner talks the positives of Gentry!

Gentrification – video youtube

12 08 2008