Genftrification and Displacement Article

5 08 2008

demographic-ecological approaches, sociocultural
studies of gentrification do not focus on aggregate or structural
units of analysis (i.e., populations and their characteristics). Rather,
their explanation is derived from a socio-psychologial perspective
that emphasizes the importance of value systems in interpreting
behavior. Proponents of this point of view suggest that the
increased clustering of middle- and upper-middle-class groups in
inner-city enclaves can best be understood by looking at the values
these people share.It is frequently noted that those who are deciding to live in the
inner city are highly educated young adults. By and large, this
cohort was educated during the middle sixties to early seventies. At
that time, new values were emerging that included a high regard for
community participation, shared living experiences, self-help and
cooperative efforts, and an ecological ideology that stressed




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