Story Iteration #1

16 09 2008

In a small world that exist beneath the urban landscape, there live creatures called Genies. The Genies are a special breed of cockroach that live in a town called Wellstone. Wellstone is ruled by a ancient monarchy of Kings and Queens, sworn by secrecy.  Secrecy of an urban legend called Utopia.  Utopia was found by the first ruling class as a refuge of Wellstone, storing the town’s emergency provisions.  For centuries this was the duty of Wellstone rulers, until the recent King and Queen were lost in an accident.  King and Queen Bit left behind a single daughter named Joli, who is known throughout the town as an adventurer. At the time of her parents death Joli was to young to rule Wellstone.  Her Uncle Lucas assumed the role as King of Wellstone temporarily until his niece Joli is ready to take on the responsibility.  Now Lucas is a greedy, conniving bug who only wants to rule with an iron fist. Lucas is not aware of Wellstone’s utopia and becomes hell bent on selling the town too the highest bidder.
B is a troubled young bug searching for his past. He takes on different odd jobs to make ends meet.  When he comes to Wellstone he assumes the role of a carpenter, fixing and repairing homes.  This is when he comes across Joli Bit the niece of Lucas.  She tells B about the suspicious activities of her Uncle Lucas.




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