Story Iteration #2

22 09 2008


Beneath the urban landscape, in a world unknown their live creatures called Genies.  Genies are a special breed of cockroaches that are known for there resourcefulness.  The Genie communities are ruled by monarchy’s of Kings and Queens, sworn by secrecy.  Secrecy of an urban myth called Wellstone’s Utopia.  Stories of Wellstone’s Utopia were passed down from generation to generation.  It is regarded in Genie society as “the land of plenty”.   A place where food shelter and resources are unlimited.  Genie rulers for centuries have protected the legend of Wellstone’s Utopia.  Safe guarding the location and even the knowledge of it’s very existence.

B is a troubled young bug searching for his past. He takes on different odd jobs to make ends meet. On one of his expeditions he travels to the town of Patiyala. The Patiyala town is ruled by a conniving Genie named Torex.  Torex is driven by a desire to find and expose Wellstone’s Utopia. B finds out of Wellstone’s Utopia and tries to exploit the conning Torex.  The only living map of Wellstone’s Utopia is Princess Joli the niece of Torex.  Princess Joli is grief stricken by the sudden death of her parents King and Queen Patiyala. Joli refuses to deal with the world and turns her back on the thrown of Patiyala.  B promises Torex that he can convince Princess Joli to tell of Wellstone’s Utopia.  Torex agrees to help B with Princess Joli to reveal the location of Wellstone’s Utopia. Torex also has his own plans on eliminating B and Joli once Wellstone is found.




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