script scene 1-2

24 09 2008

Story Beat for Wellstone’s Utopia:

Scene One:
First person point of view –
B walks to long corridor, a small town comes into the his view
His passes by an old woman who pays him no attention.
Walking slowly towards the town B realizes a sign that reads for sale.
He turns with a suggestive look on his face.
As he enters the town he walks into a weird empty store.
Dust covers the counter and a bell is located on his left side.
B rings the bell hoping for some attention.
Someone appears it’s an older gentleman
He nods at B
B:  I’m looking for a job
Old Man: I don’t have any work here
B:  do you know where I could find some work
Old Man:  No…but if anything happens in Wellstone you must see Torex.
B:  Who’s Torex
The man points towards a huge building made of this strange material
B walks towards the building through the busy streets
Everyone in the town looks at him with joyful curiosity
B nods and smiles greeting those who he passes
He finally arrives at the entrance of the huge building

Scene Two:
Upon entering the building B sees a girl wandering the halls
He glazes at her and wonders who she is…
B walks towards the girl who is Joli the princess of Wellstone
B:  Sup
Joli:  umm… are you the new janitor?
B:  not necessarily…I’m looking for Torex!
Joli:  And what would you want with my uncle?
B:  WELL…word around this place is he the man to speak too.
Joli:  Wellstone!
B:  What?
Joli:  this place is called Wellstone…now if you don’t mind I’m very busy!
Joli walks off in an elusive matter.
Joli:  don’t forget to leave your resume at the door!
B smiles with interests at joli as she walks further down the hallway
A voice of authority comes from a strange distance
Torex:  uh um.
B:  who’s there?
B looks below and sees this short shroud looking individual.
Torex:  Can I help you?
B:  Perhaps…are you Torex?
Torex nods at B with hesitation
B then extends to Torex with a note in hand
The note blank…B smiles
Torex looks in confusion
B:  I’m looking for work!
Torex:  As you can see my town is capable of handling another person.
B looks at Torex with dis-belief.
B: so… there isn’t anything?
Torex: well…there is one thing!  But you probably wont be interested.
B:  try me!
Torex:  have you ever heard of Wellstone’s Utopia?
B looks of confusion
Torex: Wellstone’s Utopia is a beautiful place…created by the gods.  For you and me.
This utopia has riches…food, miles and miles of unlimited food.
B stares at torex with limited emotion.
B:  I don’t care about food!
Torex:  My boy food is power. Power that rules with an iron fist!
Torex looks around and points towards a door.  The door is of the room of princess Joli.
B stares down the long corridor.
Torex smiles at B with a sinister grin
Torex: If you can convince my niece to tell me of the secret location. We can split the finding together.
B turns to the long hallway.
He lets out a sigh…then looks at Torex
B walks out of the building in discussed
Torex follows after him
Torex: Did I forget to mention that who ever marries my niece will be the ruler of Wellstone and it’s Utopia!




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