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29 11 2008




28 11 2008


Brian Kingston: (graphic designer) moving out of his rough neighborhood has always been a great dream. Brian’s only problem Veronica Mitchell his girlfriend who doesnt understand him anymore.


Veronica Mitchell: (receptionist for NYC Dept. of Employment) Veronica doesn’t trust her boyfriend Brian. She feels he cheating on her with another woman, because he moved away from there old neighborhood.

video reference for my animation

25 11 2008

Screen Test

20 11 2008

I wanted to conduct a screen with the actors. I found the script was lacking and I needed to revise my shot selection.

“City of Good” – animation from Shilo

11 11 2008

Environment Style Frame

6 11 2008


StoryBeats – “Untitled”

6 11 2008

– B enters the his room with eviction notice in hand

– pictures of graphic design layouts and awards are on the room wall

– sits down at his computer desk

– Looks at the letter with a smug grin on his face

– Notice reads $3500 unpaid for period of four months

– B starts to stare at computer screen to read classifies section.

– B to rub his eyes as he falls into a cat nap

– a small child appears in strange land

– the child begins to run

– as he runs the character spots a image of drug dealers

– he runs away from the drug dealers

– as he goes in other direction he sees a young pregnant women

– the child keeps running until and sees others being evicted from their apartments

–  people start moving into the building with wearing computer bags and drinking latte’s

– he runs and sees young business types

– everything begins to spin around the young child

– he stops and yells as the world around him turns to weird mesh

– everything goes black

– B wake’s up from dream and stares heavily at eviction notice

– then write a check and leaves the room

– fade to black / credit roll