New Developments

5 03 2009

This year has been quite the experience during my thesis. I found my self asking serious question about the structure of my project. How is it related to Design and Techonology? Whats the plan of attack on production? And finally, Is gentrification a bad or good thing?

1. I found a two new actresses to named Lola and Yuri who both lead the story.

2. I also decided to implement a new character named Sasha that is the opposing force. I’m looking to define the relationship between two characters facing conflict.

3. The Brian Kingston character becomes more of a supporting role to let the story revolve around Veronica.

4. Most of the key dialog will shot on Chroma Key (aka Green Screen)

5. Footage shot in the three locations will be used as supporting documentation(B-Roll).

6. Finally, I will be in the narrative as the hand of the animator, as well as the narrator.

All of these design questions are still under evaluation, drive my thinking and development.

This was my fifth prototype and second version of the storyline for Recursion.


Digital Cinema – domain

14 02 2009

This idea of Digital Cinema isnt a new concept. After some further research I realized that my thesis projects falls into this catergory of Digital Cinema. Capturing digital input, moving files on a hard drive, capturing and editing this is old technology.

video reference for my animation

25 11 2008

“City of Good” – animation from Shilo

11 11 2008

Story Treatment # 3

30 10 2008

B is a Graphic Designer who is facing eviction because of withheld rent payments.  He has utter discontent for his current community and wants to run away. Upon reading an eviction notice, B drifts into this imaginary realm of urban abstractions and is forced to face himself as a child.  On this journey B starts to realize were the source of all his design acalaids have began.

Animatic 2nd Story revised

22 10 2008


16 10 2008