video reference for my animation

25 11 2008

StoryBeats – “Untitled”

6 11 2008

– B enters the his room with eviction notice in hand

– pictures of graphic design layouts and awards are on the room wall

– sits down at his computer desk

– Looks at the letter with a smug grin on his face

– Notice reads $3500 unpaid for period of four months

– B starts to stare at computer screen to read classifies section.

– B to rub his eyes as he falls into a cat nap

– a small child appears in strange land

– the child begins to run

– as he runs the character spots a image of drug dealers

– he runs away from the drug dealers

– as he goes in other direction he sees a young pregnant women

– the child keeps running until and sees others being evicted from their apartments

–  people start moving into the building with wearing computer bags and drinking latte’s

– he runs and sees young business types

– everything begins to spin around the young child

– he stops and yells as the world around him turns to weird mesh

– everything goes black

– B wake’s up from dream and stares heavily at eviction notice

– then write a check and leaves the room

– fade to black / credit roll

Style Frame for B graphic_Character

5 11 2008


B The Bug! 3D Character Model

28 10 2008

More Precedents

13 10 2008

Buster Keaton – “Hard Luck” silent film

Precedents (more focus)

13 10 2008

For my next round of precedent research for thesis. I decided to reach out to the creators of inspiring animation pieces. Thesis is about getting your stuff out there and being an active voice in the community.

These are my precedents and colleagues in the field of animation.

“After You” by Chris Cordingley

“Al Dente” by Jean-François Barthélémy, Maël François, Carlos Felipe Leon Ortiz

Character Bio’s

5 10 2008

Character Break-down/Biographies

Three Main Characters:

B – Age: unknown
Has a rebel’s mentality, loves a good fight and always figures out a way to win.
The origins of B’s early life is a mystery that B can’t seem figure out.  He remembers only flashes of early childhood events that guide B’s daily decisions.  B is always conflicted with good and evil impulses, which work against each other. Some would call him bi-polar or even a bit crazy because of the way he handles stressful situations.

Jolie Bit:  Age: 2nd stage Molt
Jolie is still dealing with the sudden deaths of her parents.  She was raised to be the perfect queen possessing vast knowledge of the Wellstone colony.   Jolie believes her Uncle Torex has some thing to do with your parents demise.  Jolie is also interested in the myth of Wellstone’s Utopia and believes it possess the key to her parents death.

Torex: Age: 4th stage Molt
Torex has dreams of world conquest and finds pleasure in the suffering of others.
Torex is also responsible for the demise of Jolie’s parents.  Torex give the former King and Queen misinformation about a neighboring colony that needed their help.  This lie by Torex unfortunately led into a trap with the Blaberus Clan. The Blaberus Clan are the long time enemies of Gernies and want control of Wellstone. Torex who origins remain unknown oddly resembles a Blaberus Clan member.