28 11 2008


Brian Kingston: (graphic designer) moving out of his rough neighborhood has always been a great dream. Brian’s only problem Veronica Mitchell his girlfriend who doesnt understand him anymore.


Veronica Mitchell: (receptionist for NYC Dept. of Employment) Veronica doesn’t trust her boyfriend Brian. She feels he cheating on her with another woman, because he moved away from there old neighborhood.


script scene 1-2

24 09 2008

Story Beat for Wellstone’s Utopia:

Scene One:
First person point of view –
B walks to long corridor, a small town comes into the his view
His passes by an old woman who pays him no attention.
Walking slowly towards the town B realizes a sign that reads for sale.
He turns with a suggestive look on his face.
As he enters the town he walks into a weird empty store.
Dust covers the counter and a bell is located on his left side.
B rings the bell hoping for some attention.
Someone appears it’s an older gentleman
He nods at B
B:  I’m looking for a job
Old Man: I don’t have any work here
B:  do you know where I could find some work
Old Man:  No…but if anything happens in Wellstone you must see Torex.
B:  Who’s Torex
The man points towards a huge building made of this strange material
B walks towards the building through the busy streets
Everyone in the town looks at him with joyful curiosity
B nods and smiles greeting those who he passes
He finally arrives at the entrance of the huge building

Scene Two:
Upon entering the building B sees a girl wandering the halls
He glazes at her and wonders who she is…
B walks towards the girl who is Joli the princess of Wellstone
B:  Sup
Joli:  umm… are you the new janitor?
B:  not necessarily…I’m looking for Torex!
Joli:  And what would you want with my uncle?
B:  WELL…word around this place is he the man to speak too.
Joli:  Wellstone!
B:  What?
Joli:  this place is called Wellstone…now if you don’t mind I’m very busy!
Joli walks off in an elusive matter.
Joli:  don’t forget to leave your resume at the door!
B smiles with interests at joli as she walks further down the hallway
A voice of authority comes from a strange distance
Torex:  uh um.
B:  who’s there?
B looks below and sees this short shroud looking individual.
Torex:  Can I help you?
B:  Perhaps…are you Torex?
Torex nods at B with hesitation
B then extends to Torex with a note in hand
The note blank…B smiles
Torex looks in confusion
B:  I’m looking for work!
Torex:  As you can see my town is capable of handling another person.
B looks at Torex with dis-belief.
B: so… there isn’t anything?
Torex: well…there is one thing!  But you probably wont be interested.
B:  try me!
Torex:  have you ever heard of Wellstone’s Utopia?
B looks of confusion
Torex: Wellstone’s Utopia is a beautiful place…created by the gods.  For you and me.
This utopia has riches…food, miles and miles of unlimited food.
B stares at torex with limited emotion.
B:  I don’t care about food!
Torex:  My boy food is power. Power that rules with an iron fist!
Torex looks around and points towards a door.  The door is of the room of princess Joli.
B stares down the long corridor.
Torex smiles at B with a sinister grin
Torex: If you can convince my niece to tell me of the secret location. We can split the finding together.
B turns to the long hallway.
He lets out a sigh…then looks at Torex
B walks out of the building in discussed
Torex follows after him
Torex: Did I forget to mention that who ever marries my niece will be the ruler of Wellstone and it’s Utopia!