B The Bug! 3D Character Model

28 10 2008


First Script – Storyboards

13 10 2008

Character Bio’s

5 10 2008

Character Break-down/Biographies

Three Main Characters:

B – Age: unknown
Has a rebel’s mentality, loves a good fight and always figures out a way to win.
The origins of B’s early life is a mystery that B can’t seem figure out.  He remembers only flashes of early childhood events that guide B’s daily decisions.  B is always conflicted with good and evil impulses, which work against each other. Some would call him bi-polar or even a bit crazy because of the way he handles stressful situations.

Jolie Bit:  Age: 2nd stage Molt
Jolie is still dealing with the sudden deaths of her parents.  She was raised to be the perfect queen possessing vast knowledge of the Wellstone colony.   Jolie believes her Uncle Torex has some thing to do with your parents demise.  Jolie is also interested in the myth of Wellstone’s Utopia and believes it possess the key to her parents death.

Torex: Age: 4th stage Molt
Torex has dreams of world conquest and finds pleasure in the suffering of others.
Torex is also responsible for the demise of Jolie’s parents.  Torex give the former King and Queen misinformation about a neighboring colony that needed their help.  This lie by Torex unfortunately led into a trap with the Blaberus Clan. The Blaberus Clan are the long time enemies of Gernies and want control of Wellstone. Torex who origins remain unknown oddly resembles a Blaberus Clan member.

Amazing insects: The Hissing Cockroach

1 10 2008

Script…Scenes 3 – 6

30 09 2008

Scene Three:
B looks at the town and the painful expressions on the resident’s faces.
A familiar feeling takes hold of B and flashes of his past.
(Fade to white)
A little bug cries as his father leaves and mother holds her stomach.
A landowner comes in to the room yelling and pointing towards the door.
Landowner: GET OUT NOW!
The mom grabs the son and gathers her things to leave the room.
(Fade to white)
B comes back to reality…then he turns and looks at Torex with a slick smile.
B: yeah I would love to rule the Wellstone community!
Torex: GOOOOD! …Very Good!
B takes a look down the building corridor again, thinking of Joli and Wellstone’s Utopia.
B: How can I tell if your niece is interested? She is as cynical as a Blaberus giganteus.
Torex chuckles at B
Then he points to a portrait of two people…it’s the portrait of the lost King and Queen of Wellstone.
B looks with a blank stare…
(Fade to white)
A little bug once again appears …this time he’s laughing at a dinner!
A woman hands the boy a small box…he opens it and it’s a small toy car.
The boy smiles with excitement!
Laughs…go from loud to far away.
(Fade to white)
B turns to Torex nods and walks down the corridor.
Reaching the room at the end of the hall and opening the crack door.
Scene 4:
Panning down…a huge dinning hall fill with hundreds of Bugs, laughing in celebration.
A small female bug asks for a piece of buttered bread.
A kind man appears in the scene.
The Man: yes you may have some buttered bread.  What’s the magic word sweetie?
The small girl:  pretty pleassse… with sugar and a cherry on top!
The little girl laughs in enjoyment from saying the phrase
The man smiles at the girl and give her a piece of buttered bread.
(Fade from white)
B: Hi there…remember me?
Joli: Who….oh it’s you! Did you find my Uncle? What was it you’re here for…oh yes…to wash the dishes!
Joli looks at B with content.
B smiles at Jolie’s joke and walks towards the window in the room.
B: no…I was hired to be your bodyguard!  Because it seems you is your own worst enemy.
B looks at Joli with a serious grin.
Joli: Oh really…well my uncle is everyone’s enemy. Did he express that with you?
B: I figured out who your Uncle is when i entered the building.
B laughs at his own joke
B: he wants Wellstone’s secret for him self.  I want Wellstone to be…so I’ve come to help achieve this dream.
Joli: A bug with dreams…oh brother! Why don’t you leave me out of that dream!
Joli points towards the door of the room.
B turns back to the window and then he pulls out a photograph
He stares at the photo, and then he tosses the photo at Joli.
Joli: What’s this…looks like a colony.
B: yess.it was my home.  A Blaberus giganteus named Damus destroyed my home.
He was a bug with dreams…dreams of fortunes.  No matter what the costs!
My mother and father suffered from his fortune dreams.  When I met your Uncle, I realized that you must to stop him.  The residents of your colony need you! If you’re the rightful queen …so it’s your duty to lead righteously.
B exits the room and heads out of the huge building.
Scene: 5
Joli realizes her parent’s aspirations for the colony and stares at the photo.
Joli opens her secret locket with the map to Utopia.
Joli marches into her Uncle quarters.
Jolie: Is this what you dream of? Well here the secret of Wellstone’s Utopia…but remember it was a secret for a reason.
Joli drops the locket to floor and walks away
Torex jumps at the locket…diving to the floor
He opens the locket…only to see it’s empty
Torex yells for his personal guards

Torex: Guards we have an thief in the building!

She has stolen my property.
Upon hearing her Uncle calls…Joli flees for her life.

She ducks into an a gutter, where the Guards lose her trail.  Jolie walks into town searching for B

She finally spot a figure that looks familiar
It’s B standing alone…staring into the dark.
Jolie: So do you think I can be a good Queen?
B turns and nods at Joli
They head back to Wellstone determined to expose Torex.
When they return…Torex had already left the huge building where Joli lived.
The corridors were the huge portraits of Jolie’s parent once stood. Is now empty, the portrait was destroyed and piece was missing.
The piece that was missing had an inscription that read, “two find peace, we must protect our dreams of utopia”
Torex had figured out that there was more then one map to utopia.
With this information he went on his quest for Wellstone’s Utopia. Taking every able body with him to discover his dream.
Scene 6:
Torex commands a huge following of Genies as they head towards the Utopia.
Torex: HURRY UP…you lazy bugs!  Utopia will not wait for those who are unworthy! Those who won’t part take in the glory of fortunes…FORTUNES to rebuild your hopes and dreams!
B and Jolie follow the map Jolie possessed from her locket.
They ran with get urgency…not knowing where Torex had taken to town’s people.
They finally arrive at a strange place where the land is divided into white and black.
B stops and pushes Jolie back.
B: what is this?
In the distance B hears Torex yelling.
Torex was on the other side on the strange white and black land.
Torex: come on you lazy, worthless molts!
As sudden as B and Jolie saw the others with Torex…a white flash engulfed the white and black lands.
B: I can see anything Jolie. What’s happening?
Jolie: I can’t see either B.
A thunderous sound comes down…(BOOM).
B focuses his eyes and sees Torex lying dead. All the residents of Wellstone were nowhere to be seen.
B and Jolie ran away from the strange white and black lands.
B: What happened back there?
Jolie: I don’t know… lets go back to Wellstone!
B and Jolie headed back to Wellstone…confused and emotionless.
They see the town’s people all tire and breathless.

Reference images

30 09 2008

Research on my Actors!

27 09 2008
Head Shot

Head Shot

My research on my actors…the common cockroach. Has led me into some interesting facts and ideas about the species. Most of the things assumed about cockroaches are contrived because of mis-information.

This site helped to shine some light on various questions.